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IInd Persian Dominion 342 - 332

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The Great King who succeeded (not without difficulty) in once again reducing Egypt to a satrapy (342 b.c.e.) struck coins depicting him dressed as a Persian but crowned with the pshent. Notaries writing in Demotic were obliged to date their legal documents to Pharaoh Artaxerxes, but the people would recount that this emperor had made a banquet of the Apis bull and the ram of Mendes. After his death (338 b.c.e.), a native king, Khababash, was recognized for a time. In 330 b.c.e., after downfall of  Darius III Codomanus, Alexander substituted a new domination.
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342 - 338

Artaxerxes III Okhos

Ochos (Man)

He had lead two campaigns against Egypt. The first failed due to pestilence, which occurred within Persian army. The second campaign, in 342 BC, resulted in defeat of much weaker Egyptian army which was a start of a occupation period filled up with terror, numerous massacres, profanation of temples and violence. Numerous Egyptian statues had been carried out to Persia at these times. Artaxerxes III died in 338 BC, poisoned on Bagoas' order.


338 - 335


Aroges (Man)

The ruler put on the throne by Persian army commander Bagoas, as a successor of Artaxerxes III.


337 - 335/4


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  • snn-stp.n-ptH
  • xbS , xbbS
snn-stp.n-ptH  Senensetepenptah
xbS Khabash

One of the magnates of  the Upper Egypt who, being supported by oppressed population he assumed a title of the pharaoh.   He never succeeded to overtake the rule. According to the records he concealed himself from Persians in swampy and remote parts of the Nile. His existence is disclosed by: stela of Ptolemy I satraps, demotic papyrus dated to the year 1 of his rule, Apis sarcophagus of his second year and amulet with his name which was found in the tomb of Horemheb at Memphis. The name xbS , xbbS  is probably of Libyan origin.


335 - 332

Darius III Codomanus

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  • dr(i)wS
 dr(i)wS  Darius

He was the son of Arsames  and Ostames, one of Artaxerxes brothers. As new king, took the name Darius, and soon sought to become independent of his assassin benefactor. He was the last Persian ruler of Egipt. Defeated decisively by Alexander the Great in October 1, 331 BC in the battle at Gaugamela. He escaped from Alexander who was conquering successive Persian cities. Murdered by his own officers (Bessus) in July 330 BC.

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