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Valley of the Kings - KV57
tomb of Horemheb - XVIIIth Dynasty

The tomb was discovered 22 February 1908 by Edward R. Ayrton working for the American, Theodore Davis. The corridors are long, maintaining the trend of enlargement in their height and width and descend. The first pillared hall is much more square than before and the burial chamber is notable for a two pairs of pillars and the steps to the crypt with pink granite sarcophagus, which containing a skull and several bones, but in T.Davies's publication of the tomb (The Tombs of Harmhabi,...) no description is given of them, and no other mention than the brief note in the preface. Presumably they belonged to the king, but there are no data to enable the question to be settled. The plain lid, removed in antiquity and thrown to the ground, had shattered across an old break which had previously been repaired by means of butterfly cramps. The royal sledge sarcophagus and coffins were represented by several small fragments of cedar wood and acacia tenons incised with the king's throne name. The alabaster canopic chest smashed and scattered in antiquity, was also recovered and has  been restored. Royal mummy is not yet identified.

A - entrance stair
B - first corridor
C - second corridor
D - third corridor
E - well chamber with well shaft
(walls decorated with scenes of the king before vaious deities)
F - first pillared hall
(scenes from the Book of Gates)
G - fourth corridor
H - antechamber
I - second pillared hall
J - store rooms
K - burial chamber

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