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Valley of the Kings - KV38
tomb of Tuthmosis I - XVIIIth Dynasty

The tomb was discovered March 1899 by Victor Loret. Roughly cut steps lead to a small doorway and a single corridor which immediately begins to curve to the left as it descends. The cooridor opens into an irregularly cut room. through which the stairwall descends to the burial chamber. This cartouche-shaped room is of substential size, being about 11 m in length, and has a small, roughly cut storage opening on the left side near the sarcophagus and canopic enplacement. Originally a single square pillar stood at the centre of this room, though this is now broken and no longer visible.Victor Loret was founded a yellow quartize sarcophagus inscribed for Tuthmosis I (now in Cairo). The mummy of Tuthmosis I was transferred from KV20 by Tuthmosis III to KV38 and removed from it. Sometimes identified as Tuthmosis I discovered in DB320.

A - entrance
B - burial chamber
(decorated with frieze and texts from the Amduat)
C - storeroom
D - sarcophagus
E - canopic emplacement for preserved viscera of king





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