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Valley of the Kings - KV34
tomb of Tuthmosis III - XVIIIth Dynasty

The tomb was discovered 12 February 1898 by Victor Loret. Mummies found in tomb (Smith cat. No. 61099 and 61100) turned out to be remaining dated back to Ptolemaic period. The king's mummy was found among other mummies of kings in the cache DB320 in Deir el-Bahari. KV34 represents a turning point in tomb architecture in the Valley of the Kings. A skewed entrance gives access to three corridors and a well, which is here seen for the first time in the valley proper. Beyond the well is an  antechamber with twin pillars and a staircase cutting directly down into the burial chamber - again with two pillars and furnished with four storage chambers. Although not truly at right angles, the two arms of the tomb are clearly meant to be so. The passages are not decorated and the antechamber contains a list of 741 divinities of the Amduat. The walls of the burial chamber are decorated with three registers of the Amduat.



Sarkofag Totmesa III

A - entrance
B - corridor
C - chamber with ascending passage
D - 2nd corridor
E - vertical deep shaft
(walls decorated with frieze, ceiling with stairs)
F - 2-pillars antechamber
(decoration listing divinities of the Amduat), in northern part - stairs leading to the burial chamber
G - burial chamber
(walls decorated with scenes from the Amduat, pillars with Litany of Re and king nursed by Isis)
H - four side chambers
I - sarcophagus

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