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Valley of the Kings - KV20
tomb of Tuthmosis I & Hatshepsut - XVIIIth Dynasty

The tomb was discovered before 1799. It turns and twists for more than 213 m beyond its entrance, with its burial chamber lying some 97 m beneath the surface. The corridors soon curve from the original axis towards the bay of Deir el-Bahari. The large antechamber is also similiar in profile to that of KV38 but as considered above, was most probably intended originally as the burial chamber. The body of Tuthmosis I was evidently removed from KV20 by Tuthmosis III for reburial within a newly-quarried tomb nearby - KV38. Hatshepsut, together with her father's discarded sarcophagus, seems to have remained within KV20 until the turn of the millennium. The present whereabouts of her mummy are not known - unless founding mummy in KV60 - tomb of Hatshepsut's wet nurse, Sitre.


 sarcophagus of Hatshepsut
 Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

A - entrance
B - steps cut on the left side of corridor
C - first chamber
D -
slots for beams
E - antechamber (undecorated)

F - burial chamber (undecorated but contained 15 limestone slabs inscribed with scenes from Amduat)
G -
H - sarcophagus initially of Hatshepsut but reinscribed for Tuthmosis I
I - sarcophagus of Hatshepshut

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