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Valley of the Kings - KV16
tomb of Ramesses I - XIXth Dynasty

The tomb was discovered 10/11 October 1817 by Giovanni Belzoni. The sarcophagus displays damage caused in levering off the lid in antiquity to remove the royal mummy at an unrecorded date at the end of the New Kingdom. Remains of coffin and mummy of the ruler were moved to the Deir el-Bahari cache DB320 and discovered in 1881. The mummy got lost in unexplained circumstances, however after few years emerged as property of private collector from Toronto. Many years the mummy spent as anonymous one in Museum of Niagara Falls (Ontario) before it finally got to Atlanta (USA). Presently there is considered moving of the royal mummy to Cairo Museum.

A - entrance stairs
B - corridor
C - unfinished niches
D - burial chamber
(walls decorated with scenes from the Book of Gates and of the king before various deities; Maat on each side of entry door)
E - side chambers
F - niche with Osiris representations
G - sarcofagus

Wall paintings in the burial chamber.
Burial chamber with sarcophagus and modern beams supporting the ceiling.

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