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Qurnet Murrai ( Western Thebes )

Site in Western Thebes on south-west of the Ramesseum with cementary of nobles. Situated on the lower slopes is the TT40 - tomb of Huy, also called Amenhotep. The walls are thinly coated with mud plaster. Its main interest lies in the scenes of Nubian notables and the taxes of Kush. Scenes show Huy invested as viceroy, sailing to Nubia, and rows of taxes and presents, furniture, gold, bows and shields. Tutankhamon is shown in a light shelter under a canopy receiving these object, and also receiving presents from Kush. The inner chamber with four pillars is very ruined.


40  - Amenhotep (Hui)Viceroy of Kush, Governor of the South Lands, time of Akhenaten & Tutankhamun

          Amenhotep-Huy before Tutankhamun

221 - Horimin, Scribe of Troops in the Palace of the King on the West of Thebes, time of Ramesses III
222 - Hekammatranakhte (Turo), High Priest of Monthu, time of Rameses III-IV
223 - Karakhamun, First Ka-Priest, Late Period - Saite
235 - Userhet, High Priest of Monthu, time of XX Dynasty
270 -
Amonemuia, Web-Priest, Lector-Priest of Ptah-Sokar, time of XX Dynasty
271 - Nay, Royal Scribe, time of Aye II
272 - Khaemopet, Divine Father of Amun in the West, Lector-Priest of the Sokar Temple, time of Ramesside
273 - Sayemiotef, Scribe in the Estate of his Lord,  time of Ramesside
274 -
Amenwahsu, High Priest of Monthu of Tod and Thebes, Sem-Priest in the Ramesseum in the Estate of Amun, time of Ramesses II-Merenptah
275 - Sebekmose, Head Wab-Priest, Divine Father in the Temples of King Amenhotep III and Sokar, time of Ramesside
276 - Amenemopet, Overseer of the Treasury of Gold and Silver, Judge, Overseer of the Cabinet, time of Tuthmosis IV (?)
277 - Amenemonet, Divine Father of the Temple of King Amenhotep III, Wab-Priest, Lector-Priest, Divine Father in the Temple of Ptah-Sokaris, time of  XXVI Dynasty
278 - Amenemheb, Herdsman of Amun-Ra, time of Ramesside


380 - Ankefenrahorakhty,  Chief in Thebes, Ptolemaic Period
381 -
Amenemonet, Messenger of the King to Every Land, time of Ramesses II
382 - Usermontu, First Prophet of Monthu, time of Ramesses II
383 - Merymose,
Viceroy of Kush, time of Amenhotep III

          sarkofag Merimose z czarnego granitu. British Museum


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