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Mastab of Shepseskaf in Saqqara

qbHw-Spss-kA=f (Shepseskaf is [ritually] purified)

originally base length :   104.6 x 78 m
actually measurement (without casing):   99.6 x 74.4 m
height:   18.7 m
length of descending passage:   20.95 m
slope of  descending passage:   23o 30'
slope of casing:   61o - 65o
burial chamber measurements:   7.79 x 3.85 x 4.9 m
lenght of causeway:   ok.760 m


A - mortuary temple
B - descending passage
C - causeway
D - six niches
E - burial chamber

 Son and successor of Menkaure, he had not built a pyramid tomb for himself, instead he erected a huge mastaba at South Saqqara (Mastabat el-Fara'un). Actual dimensions (without outer layer) are 99,6 x 74,4 m. The mastaba in its shape remains those of the dynasty I at North Saqqara. From north side runs descending corridor 20,95 m long (including chambers and traps) next runs 19,5 m horizontally and finally enters antechamber of the tomb. Dimensions of the vestibule: 3,1 m x 8,3 m, two-side slopped roof begins at the height of 5,6 m. Corridor with niches is 10,6 m long and passes to the funerary chamber which dimensions are 3,85 x 7,79 m, at the height of 4,9 m begins the two-side slopped roof. In the funerary chamber reminders of the sarcophagus were found. In the mortuary temple (chapel) were discovered reminders of diorite statue of Shepseskaf (according to T. Schneider).

A - enclosure wall
B - temple
C - causeway

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