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Pyramid complex of  Senweseret II ( XII Dynasty ) in el-Lahun

Senweseret Shines

Core of this pyramid was build of mudbricks, with a framework of stone masonry. The builders used a rock outcropping to anchor the core and to make construction quicker and cheaper. Petrie was found only a few fragments of black granite pyramidion. The substructure of Senweseret II's pyramid, with the whole system of shafts, chambers, and passageways surrounding the burial chamber, thus remains one of a labyrinth. The burial chamber, which was oriented east-west, consisted of the vaulted ceiling of granite blocks and the masterfully worked sarcophagus, which stood on the west wall. The relatively small mortuary temple stood before the east side of the pyramid and was almost completely destroyed.
The small  pyramid stood near the northeast corner of king tomb. It is belonging to the queen, and its location seems to contradict cult destination of this structure. W.F.Petrie discovered foundation deposits, he never found a single passage or chamber beneath the pyramid, despite exploring it with tunnels and a deep vertical shaft. He did uncover the remains of a chapel at the north side. Part of a name of a vase is only evidence that the pyramid belonged to a queen.
The pyramid, the mortuary temple and the tombs of members of the royal family were surrounded by a perimeter wall along which trees were planted. The valley temple was located relatively far from the pyramid, with which it was probably not, according to Arnold, directly connected.




length of sides of base:   107 m
slope of walls:   42o 35'
height:   48.65 m


A - perimeter wall
B - false corridors
C - entrance shaft
D - well
E - construction shaft
F - small mortuary temple
G - antechamber
H - burial chamber
I - north chapel
J - queen's pyramid
K - entrance stairs


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