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Valley of the Queens - QV55
tomb of Prince Amonherkhopshef, XXth Dynasty

Prince Amunherkhopshef was the third son of Ramesses III and second of Queen Iset. Descent to the tomb is via a stairway(A) into the main hall (antechamber B) from which there is corridor (D) to the burial chamber (F). The tomb is elaborately with fine illustrations remain in good condition. The scenes show excerpts from the Book of the Gates and Ramesses III leading his son in a course around the stations of the gods. An oddity is the sarcophagus which contained the remains of a foetus, thought to be one of the prince's stillborn infants. This foetus is displayed in a glass cabinet in one corner of the burial chamber.


A - ramp (stairway)
B - antechamber or entrance hall
C - western side chamber
D - corridor
E - unfinished western side annex
F - unfinished burial chamber with sarcophagus


książę Amonherchopszef

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