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Valley of the Kings - KV60
tomb of Sitre - XVIIIth Dynasty

The tomb was excavated by Howard Carter in 1903 and then closed again. An inscription on one coffin bore the name and title, royal nurse. In has been thought by some to be Sit-Ra, called In, royal nurse of Hatshepsut. The other, still unidentified mummy remained in situ. Some Egyptologists (Elizabeth Thomas) suggested it might be the mummy of Hatshepsut, relocated by Tuthmosis III. In 1903 Howard Carter closed the tomb again after a brief examination and removal of some mummified geese. In 1906 Edward Ayrton and Edward Russel removed the mummy of Sitre from tomb to Egyptian Museum in Cairo. In 1989-90 Donald Ryan of Pacific Lutheran University conducted exploration after re-locating tomb. A wooden box was built to hold one mummy, and a metal cover was set over the pit entrance.


Hatshepsut mummy

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