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Valley of the Kings - KV15
tomb of Seti II - XIXth Dynasty

The complete history of the tomb's construction and employment is still uncertain. The body of the king may originally have been interred in the tomb of his wife, Taweseret and only afterwards transferred to KV15, which was hastily and incompletely finished. Only fragments of the lid of Seti II's sarcophagus remain in the tomb; the coffer is untraced, but was perhaps removed for reuse at the end of the New Kingdom. Later inspection of KV15 by those charged with dismantling the burials and stripping the bodies, evidently led to the removal of the king's mummy - which was found in the KV35 cache in a replacement coffin of later date.

chambers E and F




A - entrance (door jambs decorated with kneeling figures of Maat)
B - 1st corridor
(scenes from the Litany of Re)
C - 2nd corridor
(scenes from the Litany of Re and the Amduat)
D - 3rd corridor
(scenes from the Amduat)
E - well room without a well shaft
(images of funerary objects)
F - pillared hall with a central descent
(Osiris shrine and scenes from the Book of Gates)
G - corridor adapted as chamber  
(images of deities; figure of Nut on ceiling)

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