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Valley of the Kings - KV6
tomb of Ramesses IX - XXth Dynasty

The tomb of Ramesses IX has stood open since antiquity and attracted the informal comments, scribbled on the walls, of some 46 classical tourists. A little over half of this tomb appears to have been completed by the time of the king's death. After the stair-ramp entrance (A), three well-fashioned corridors (B,D,E) were cut, with the first having a series of four niche-like side rooms (C). The well room and pillared hall were also completed, the corridor beyond being enlarged to receive the king's burial. The mummy of Ramesses IX was discovered  among other mummies of kings in the cache DB320 at Deir el-Bahari.




A - entrance stairs-ramp
B - 1st corridor
(scenes from Litany of Re and the Book of Caverns)
C - four niche-like side rooms
D - 2nd corridor
(scenes from the Book of the Dead and the Book of Caverns, astronomical ceiling)
E - 3rd corridor
(images of king as Osiris, scenes from the Amduat)
F - well room
(image of deity)
G - 4-pillared hall
H - sloping passage leading to the burial chamber
I - burial chamber
(king in divine barque and scenes from the Book of the Earth, Book of Caverns and Amduat, scenes from the Book of Heavens on ceiling)

 Second and third corridors.

second (D) and third (E) corridors

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